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PHX PD: Find the Blue in You!

Critical Incident Briefing: Dailey Street Officer Involved Shooting

​The Phoenix Police Department has released a new Critical Incident Briefing video as part of it’s transparency and accountability project. 

Click the video below to see new details including body-worn camera, pictures, and radio traffic from an officer involved shooting that happened on September 9, 2019 near 43rd Avenue and Thunderbird.

​This video contains graphic images and language which may be offensive to some people.  Viewer discretion is advised.​​

CIB - September 9, 2019 - 4300 W. Dailey Street

‭(Hidden)‬ Officer Involved Shooting Incidents

Critical Incident Briefing: Van Buren Officer Involved Shooting​

As part of our commitment to provide greater transparency and accountability, the Phoenix Police Department is releasing the second Critical Incident Briefing from an officer involved shooting.  This incident happened on August 30, 2019.

Click the video below to see details including pictures, surveillance video and radio traffic from the shooting that happened on Van Buren near 91st Ave in Phoenix.

Please note, body-worn cameras were not assigned to the Fugitive Apprehension & Investigation Detail at the time of this incident so there is no video of the actual shooting.


CIB – August 30, 2019 – Van Buren & 91st Ave


Critical Incident Briefing: 4300 W​est Camelback Road Officer Involved Shooting

The Phoenix Police Department is investigating an officer involved shooting in a parking lot at the corner of 43rd Ave & Camelback.

Police were called to the area around 7:40 Monday evening regarding an armed robbery of a man in the parking lot.

Police found the suspect with a knife. They repeatedly ordered the man to drop the knife, he ignored commands and moved toward officers with his knife. That’s when one officer fired her weapon, injuring the suspect.

The suspect’s injuries do not appear to be life threatening.

No officers were injured. This remains an ongoing investigation.

Critical Incident Briefing: 2800 East Atlanta Avenue Officer Involved Shooting

Saturday night, just before 8 p.m.​, Phoenix police officers responded to family argument and an armed suspect at a home in the area of 2800 East Atlanta Avenue. Officers arrived at the home where the people inside said they were fine and did not need assistance. There were no additional calls or signs of emergency at the home at that time.

Three and a half hours later, police responded to a second call at the same home, with similar concerns. The suspect was refusing to allow three family members to leave. It was also reported that the suspect had physically assaulted a 69-year-old woman and was now threatening to shoot the family members.

Officers arrived and approached the home when they heard shots being fired. Concerned with the safety of the family members, Officers tactically approached the home and they were met with gunfire.  Officers retreated and attempted a different approach to the residence, but once again they were met by gunfire. Officers from the Special Assignment Unit (SAU) responded to assist. Negotiations with the suspect began and continued for several hours.  Over the course of the incident, the suspect fired dozens of rounds inside his home and towards the direction of officers. Some of these rounds also struck an occupied nearby residence.

After repeated requests to have the suspect release the victims, the suspect refused and was observed shooting his gun. SAU officers began to approach the home in order to safely rescue the victims. Gunfire was exchanged with the suspect where the suspect, one officer and two female victims were shot..   The preliminary investigation has revealed that the two female victims were struck by fragments from a single bullet fired by an officer. The projectile went through at least two items prior to striking both victims.  The officer shot was hospitalized but is expected to recover from his injuries.  A second officer was bitten by our K-9 during the chaos and is also expected to make a full recovery. The third victim, an adult man, was found unharmed. The suspect, 32-year-old Michael Austin, was also shot and was pronounced deceased at the scene. 

Below is a timeline of events as we currently understand them.  This is a complex and ongoing investigation and information may change as a result.

7:41 p.m.  Officers are called to a residence in the area of 2800 E. Atlanta Avenue to check the welfare of the residents. Officers are told that everything is ok by one of the residents.

11:22 p.m.  Officers are called to the same residence. Same concerns from the initial call. Family is being held hostage and suspect is armed. The caller believes the elderly victim needs medical attention. Caller indicates the suspect has access to several firearms to include a rifle.  Officers arrive on scene and begin gathering information.

12:15 a.m.  Officers coordinate tactical approach to the residence. Officers hear shots being fired inside.

12:21 a.m.  Shots are fired in the direction of the officers.  Officers move to cover.

​12:24 a.m.  Shots are fired through the walls by the suspect.

金游棋牌游戏12:26 a.m.  Officers re-group at the front of the residence.

12:29 a.m.  Shots are fired through the walls by the suspect.

12:40 a.m.  Negotiations begin.

1:15 a.m.  Special Assignment Officers arrive.

1:37 a.m.  One shot heard at the front of the residence.

4:39 a.m.  Shots are heard and suspect is seen armed. Despite repeated requests to verify that the others in the house are fine, the suspect refused to allow them to speak or leave the home.  A tactical plan is made in order to rescue the victims.

5:02 a.m. An SAU officer sees the armed suspect and fires at the suspect as the rescue team approaches the front door.

​​5:03-5:05 a.m. Suspect walks down the hallway toward the front and shoots at officers. Officers shoot at suspect. Officer is shot. Suspect and two victims are hit by gunfire.  Officers enter residence and locate victims to provide medical attention.

​Critical Incident Briefing: Palm Lane Officer Involved Shooting

金游棋牌游戏In keeping with a commitment to provide greater transparency and accountability, the Phoenix Police Department is releasing the first Critical Incident Briefing from an officer involved shooting that happened on August 27, 2019.

Click the video below to see factual information including 911 calls, body worn camera, surveillance video and still photographs from the shooting that happened on Palm Lane near 36th Street in Phoenix.

Please note, body worn cameras are set to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is 7 hours ahead of Arizona.​

CIB - August 27, 2019 - Palm Lane

金游棋牌游戏​Page Last Updated at 11:30 p.m. October 30, 2019. Page may be updated to make further clarifications or to answer new questions.


The information on this page is intended to inform and educate the public about the use of deadly force, specifically Officer-Involved Shootings (OIS), and related topics from the Phoenix Police Department. See also: Police Transparency


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Review Frequently Asked Questions. Activate blue buttons to reveal answers.

Question 1: Is the Police Department rolling out body cameras now in response to the OIS Study?

Phoenix Police

Answer: No. The process to acquire body-worn cameras started in 2011 with 18 cameras.

金游棋牌游戏 In 2013 a pilot program in the Maryvale/Estrella Mountain Precinct was launched. It eventually expanded to 300 cameras in patrols in the field and in our Crisis Intervention Squads.

In the interim, we started the procurement process to acquire the latest in technology in preparation of full deployment for first-responder officers and sergeants citywide. The expanded body-worn camera program started rolling out citywide in April 2019.

Question 2: Why aren’t all shootings captured on body-worn cameras?

Phoenix Police

Answer: 金游棋牌游戏 The Phoenix Police Department body-worn camera program has not always been widespread throughout the city. Prior to April 2019, the Phoenix Police Department body-worn camera program consisted of only 300 cameras.

金游棋牌游戏The program is now being expanded to many as 2,000 new body-worn cameras to all first responding officers and supervisors, which should greatly increase the availability of video, should an OIS occur.

Phoenix Police does not deploy vehicle-mounted dash cameras.

Question 3: Where can I find the Police Department’s policies?

Phoenix Police

Answer: Download a copy of the PHX PD Operations Order Manual (Policies) (44 MB PDF)



Question 4: What changes will we see following the National Police Foundation study?

Phoenix Police

Answer: We are committed to taking concrete steps to implement each of the nine recommendations made by the National Police Foundation. This would include, but is not limited to, more detailed record keeping, more data made publicly available, more information shared via social media, and a stronger, safer community. It is our hope that you will see a more transparent and receptive police department as we work together with the community to reduce officer-involved shootings. Chief Williams publicly stated her intent to implement the nine recommendations in the study. (Download Chief Williams' Executive Summary) 103 KB PDF

Question 5: How much did the OIS Study cost?

Phoenix Police

Answer: The Phoenix City Council authorized $150,000 for the Phoenix Police Department to commission the study by the See also: Council Agenda items in the downloads subsection.



Question 6: How are officer-involved shootings investigated?

Phoenix Police

Answer: 金游棋牌游戏From the moment an officer advises that a shooting has taken place, we work to protect life, property, and preserve evidence. The scene is secured and preserved for responding investigators. Police Public Information Officers (PIOs) respond to gather as much information that can be released to the community in a timely manner, while also communicating with traditional media for critical messaging.

金游棋牌游戏Two investigations run concurrently; a criminal investigation by the Phoenix Police Homicide Unit in partnership with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, and an internal investigation by the Phoenix Police Professional Standards Bureau. Two separate investigations are necessary to determine whether or not the shooting was within the law and within policy.

Our current protocols are based on policy, Arizona law (Phoenix Police Operations Orders, and Arizona Revised Statutes), and general best practices for police agencies.

Question 7: How can the public review all OIS incidents from the Phoenix Police Department?

Phoenix Police

Answer: 金游棋牌游戏To be transparent, public information about OIS incidents are posted to a digital dashboard on Phoenix's Open Data portal. The public can review the number of OIS incidents by incident year, by incident month and year, by day of week and year, by quarter and year, by precinct and year, or by Council District and year. Data is provided from January 2017 to the present. New data is added with regular updates. . Examine the used to generate the dashboard.

金游棋牌游戏The of the Open Data portal also contains datasets about and .

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Related Links & Resources

Use Phoenix's portal to explore Police-related data sets. You can also review links to related studies, learn about partner and support organizations, or learn about how to get involved and support the Phoenix Police Department in your neighborhood.


Phoenix Police Open Data

金游棋牌游戏To be transparent, public information about OIS incidents are posted to a digital dashboard on Phoenix's Open Data portal. The public can review the number of OIS incidents by incident year, by incident month and year, by day of week and year, by quarter and year, by precinct and year, or by Council District and year. Data is provided from January 2017 to the present. New data is added with regular updates.


Related OIS Information

金游棋牌游戏 (PDF)


PHX PD Operations Order Manual (Policies) (PDF)


Further Police Resources


Phoenix Police DepartmentIn June 2018 the Phoenix Police Department requested the City Council approve commissioning a study to examine the higher-than-normal rates of OIS incidents. The National Police Foundation (NPF)金游棋牌游戏, an independent non-partisan, non-profit organization, was chosen to conduct the study. On April 19, 2019 the report was released to the public and can be downloaded below, as well as the Police Chief’s Executive Summary highlighting the plan to implement the NPF’s recommendations.

Watch video from Council meeting or Download meeting documents

National Police Foundation OIS Study

Supporting Downloads



Voice Your Opinion

We welcome your comments, please Complete Online Form. When you submit an email it falls under the city's policy which states that the email message is: (1) subject to public disclosure under the Public Records Law, (2) is not private or confidential and (3) is retained for 90 days. You may access internet-enabled computers for free at any .

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金游棋牌游戏Visit .

Section 2

To see the city of Phoenix's RFQ to procure an owner's rep to facilitate the City's oversight of the arena renovations, visit .

金游棋牌游戏 For information about procurements being managed by the Arena operator, the Suns, please visit the Talking Stick Resort Arena's website .

​hidden workshop

Public Meetings Economic Impact Jobs & Business F.A.Q. Reference Documents Comments

Question 11: Can the Suns leave after the renovation?

Answer: 金游棋牌游戏 No, not without a cost. Under the proposed agreement, the Suns have committed to play their home games at the city’s Arena through at least 2037. Should they relocate prior to then, they have agreed to pay the city up to $200 million in liquidated damages.

Question 12: Can the Sports Facilities Fund be used for other purposes, like funding police officers or fixing pot holes?

Answer: 金游棋牌游戏 The use of the Sports Facilities Fund is designated by City Council through an ordinance. It was set up in the late 1980s to fund the Arena and promote tourism in the downtown area. Changes to the ordinance would require action by the City Council.

The funds have already been used for a variety of downtown related and Council approved projects, including:
  • The city's share of the 2018 renovation of the Maryvale Baseball Park
  • The city's share of the downtown bio-science campus land
  • Costs for some downtown police and security
  • Tourism promotion

金游棋牌游戏This fund would also support maintaining the building in case the Suns (“operator”) no longer occupy the building.

Question 13: XXX?

Answer: XXX Sample Link.

Question 14: XXX?

Answer: XXX

Bathroom sanitary pipe (Left). Corrosion on riser (Right)
Bathroom sanitary pipe (Left). Corrosion on riser (Right).


Question 15: XXX?

Answer: XXX


Yearly Arena Events: 33% Suns, 16% Mercury, 7% Rattlers, 22% Concerts, 19% Family Events, 3% Other Events 

Question 116: XXX?

Answer: XXX


Historic Arena Capital Investment: $80M City of Phoenix and $150M Suns and Total Arena Capital Investment (proposed through 2037): $263M City of Phoenix and $242.5M Suns 


At the January 23, 2019 City Council meeting, after nearly three hours of discussion and public comment, the Proposed Arena Agreement passed 6-2. Watch video from City Council meeting or Review the Adopted Ordinances.

Section 5 Training: Bulleted List

The Arena generates $335 million of annual direct, indirect, and induced impact for the city of Phoenix, Maricopa County and the state of Arizona. This revenue includes:

  • $182M = Direct spending: hotels, tickets, food/drink and retail. Taxes from utilities, commercial leases, residential property tax and discretionary spending for employees who work there.

  • $153M金游棋牌游戏 = Indirect & induced impact (jobs dependent on Arena events): Servers at nearby restaurants, hotel staff, parking garage attendants, suppliers and vendors for Arena operations.

  • $12.8M金游棋牌游戏 = Direct annual revenue to the city: These funds are put back into the city for services including police, fire, streets, parks, library, etc.

  • $14M = Direct tax revenue to the county and state.

金游棋牌游戏† Source: City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department

Section 6

  • In the Arena:金游棋牌游戏 380 full-time employees and over 700 event-day employees, including maintenance crews, administrative staff, food servers, ticket takers, security, parking attendants, and creative arts staff.

  • Supporting the Arena: 1,140 employees including truck drivers, printers, engineers, carpenters, auditors, etc.

  • Businesses that directly support the Arena: More than 100 local businesses, including concessionaires, HVAC support, caterers, printing companies, and more.

‡ Source: City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department and Phoenix Suns 

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Question 8: XXX

Answer: XXX.


Question 9: XXX?

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Question 10: XXX?

Answer: 金游棋牌游戏XX