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All new buildings will be"net-positive" in terms of energy and materials, meaning they willproduce more energy than they consume.  This can be accomplishedthrough employing passive design principles, such as highly insulated wallassemblies and on-site renewable energy.  This goal will apply to all newconstruction after 2050.  Buildings exist today that already meet thisstandard, like those that meet the Living Building Challenge 3.0.

金游棋牌游戏At the community scale, the goal will be to establish fifteen vibrant compactcomplete centers where the majority of services needed by each community areprovided locally; residents will be able to live, work, and play all withinwalking distance.

​What are we doing now?

金游棋牌游戏GreenBuilding Code:  This City of Phoenix has adopted the 2012 InternationalEnergy Construction Code (IECC 2012) and also requires LEED Silver for all ofits own new buildings.   The City has also installed 32MW of solarenergy on its properties that supply city buildings with clean and renewableenergy.