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Current Employment Opportunities

Chief Water Quality Inspector | Job ID 34429
Salary: $55,203 - $84,074

The Chief Water Quality Inspector performs supervisory and technical work in the Water Services Department’s industrial pre-treatment program, commercial inspection program, drinking water sampling, wastewater sampling, or storm water management program, and supervises senior water quality inspectors and water quality inspectors.​
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Customer Care Resolutions Specialist​ | Job ID 34432​
Salary: $39,707 - $58,282​

This is a higher level customer service position, dealing with more advanced and complex issues than an entry level customer service representative. This position also provides accurate information to the public regarding their utility service (billings, amounts, rates, service agreements, due dates, policy/code impacting city services). 
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Industrial Maintenance Mechanic | Job ID 34413
Salary: $50,066 - $61,090

Employees in the Industrial Maintenance Mechanic positions are responsible for servicing, installing, repairing, and maintaining stationary industrial equipment such as pumps, blowers, centrifuges, gearboxes, and valve actuators. Employees work independently and as part of a team, sometimes leading the team.​​
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Water Operations Analyst | Job ID 34349
Salary: $47,445 - $72,384

This position provides professional level administrative and technical support and manages complex projects supporting various Water Customer Services systems. The duties of this class require the exercise of independent judgment in carrying assignments through to completion, and involve substantial contact with management, other City employees and outside regulatory agencies.
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Water Meter Reader | Job ID 34410
Salary: $32,344 - $40,477

The Water Services Lead Business Systems Analyst is responsible for managing the definition of business needs when procuring business systems and upgrading business system technologies. They possess a high degree of skill utilizing critical business system issues.
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